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River Minho hiking trail

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Initiating in the Village center this trail evolves downhill through the ancient narrow passages across the small creek “Rio do Porto” at the “Pedrinha” (Little stone) bridge. Through a small street section one gets to reach the Melgaço Sports and Leisure Centre. The well signed path leads you across de Sports and Leisure Centre until it’s northern Pine tree forest edge. Close to the swimming poll’s complex. Another 150mts of descending dirt and gravel road takes you to the ancient and out of use watercourse.

Such ancient watercourse is the bed of a flat, well protected and integrated in the nature, wooden trail that takes you along the river. Half way down the stiff hill between any construction and the river Minho. It can also be accessed straight from the Hotel.

During that 1.5km’s long stretch you can only enjoy the comfort of such trail, it’s fantastic landscapes and the “soundtrack” of mother nature at its utmost. The mixture of the views, the music of the water flowing down the valley and the wide variety of birds singing along their lives is the unforgettable and comforting scenario you can expect!

The wooden trail ends in a small leisure area where you can enjoy the fresh spring water or recover energies to keep moving along the dirt and gravel path until the Equestrian center.

From the point onward you’ll be taken in a very rich agricultural area surrounded by the famous “Alvarinho” vineyards. Across the fields through the little village of “Remoães” on to a roman bridge and you’ll find yourself at the northern entrance of the newly refurbished but ancient “Termas de Melgaço”, medical SPA and its majestic park.

  • Distance covered - 5,7km
  • Difficulty level - Low
  • Maximum altitude - 177m
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  • Trilho do Rio
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