Monte Prado Hotel & Spa
Monte Prado Hotel & SPA, 4960-320
Melgaço, Portugal
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Foral de Melgaço

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Opening Hours: 07h30 – 10h30; 12h30 – 15h00; 19h30 – 22h30

Wide opened and bright dining room (70 places) with minimal decoration, flooded with natural daylight!
A nice feeling of openness and comfort is assured by the wide panoramic glace surfaces replacing three of its four walls. Two of those overlooking the park and its Pine trees forest nearby.

The third and the most important, open’s a magnificent view to the river, down the hill, and the neighboring hills of the Spanish, Galicia region, that fulfill a scenario of nature at its utmost peace and quietness state!

A meal in such pace becomes an experience in itself with the natural and calm life scenario embracing your most common sensorial feeling while seated at a table!

At a parallel terrace the panoramic view “explodes” with the sounds and noises Mother Nature provides you with!

Once your meal is finish feel challenged and enjoy your coffee and the local digestive, an old “Aguardente de Alvarinho” on the sofas at the top of such terrace!

For your meal you can find a daily suggestion (different from lunch to dinner with average prices between one or two main courses. The traditional fixed menu comprises wonders from soups to cold starters, pastas or eggs, to vegetarian, fish and sea fruit. It dedicates a specific area to the most traditionally Portuguese dried Cod Fish and then evolves to a variety of meat.

“Foral de Melgaço’s” Chef wisely takes you on a journey from the basis of traditionally rich Portuguese culinary with a contemporary touch and distinctive plating to an elegant and delicious, must repeat, offer of deserts.

From the local cheese board with typical preserves (four each) passing by a combination of traditional and contemporary deserts ending on a choice of crêpes combined with subtle combinations of flavors and syrups

The wine list with dates, type of grape and percentage of alcohol is coherently populated with the local white “Vinho Verde Alvarinho.” Other whites and a wide variety of Portuguese red are combined with local sparkling (five from the Alvarinho grape) and original champagnes.

Unforgettable for wine enthusiasts is the unique in Portugal Wine By the Glass service, with eight special offers in three different options, and the Wine Shop service available to those who enjoy a meal in this unique place.

With its professional, nice and pleasant service the “Foral de Melgaço” is referenced in several, both national and international, important restaurant guides such the Portuguese “Boa Cama e Boa Mesa” and the “Guide Michelin”!

By José Quitério - "À Mesa" - "O Expresso" Newspaper

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